How I discovered Dr. Barbara’s Mini Molecular Collection

Over the years, I have been approached by many brands to sell their baby care products, but it was not an avenue that interested me until I became a mother. Skincare only came to my attention when hydrating became an essential part of my baby’s routine. Once I became a mother, my buying habits changed completely for my store; I wanted to offer only brands that I had brought into my own home, tested, and loved. Selling products that I had tested and approved proved to be the best direction for my company.

Dr. Barbara Sturm became part of my skin routine before I was pregnant with my son. I saw a 360 improvement in my skin, and I went from having mild acne to clearer skin. Dr Barbara Sturm is renowned for her cutting edge treatments, so it was a no brainer to try out her skincare for kids. She created the mini molecular skincare collection for her daughter Pepper, which is precisely the type of product that captures my attention. I have an annoying habit of doing intensive research behind every brand I use on my son. Her products came from a skin doctor’s expertise combined with the love of a mother, the perfect components to creating the ultimate skincare for kids.

I will be honest I did not start Santi on Dr Barbara Sturm´s products, I only went on the lookout for a better product when my son started to have dry patches on his thighs and arms that would not go away. Some moisturisers improved the patches, but they did not disappear completely.

The mini molecular collection includes rich ingredients such as marigold, almond blossom extract, chamomile, calendula, and jojoba oil to soothe, hydrate, and protect sensitive baby skin. I recommend starting with one of the products to see if you like it and then build your collections from there. I started with the Body Cream, within 3 days the dry patches were not only better, but they had disappeared entirely. I was really quite relieved as I thought it possibly would never go away.

What I did notice was that if I didn’t regularly use the product or left without moisturising for a couple of days, the dry patches would return. Using it every day helped to renew and maintain the skin back to its natural softness. I tend to moisturise after his bath as the creams contain ingredients such as chamomile, precious jojoba, and sweet almond oil, which sets the perfect tone to encourage a night of restful sleep.

The other mini molecular products such as the Hair & Body Shampoo & the Bathing Milk complement the moisturiser perfectly containing ingredients such as Almond Flower extract, Jojoba and sweet almond which make for the most luxurious bath soak you ever did have. You will be tempted to use it for yourself. The nappy cream and face cream are perfectly sized for travel and always at arms length when I am out and about. The face cream is perfect for our harsh English winters & perfect for hydrating little faces in the evening after sunny holiday breaks. The Mini molecular by Dr Barbara Sturm has done absolute wonders for my son, and if you are looking for the ultimate skincare for your child, this is the brand to try.

I hope that you will give the Mini Molecular collection a go and that it becomes part of your child’s daily routine and you become as obsessed with this brand as I am. Pop in to our store for a FREE SAMPLE of the mini molecular collection.*

All my Love, Keep Safe

Mrs Amanda Martinez

CEO – MiSuenos Kids

*limited availability.

If you are looking for the very best children skincare range available on the market today, then try Dr Barbara Strum Baby & kids mini molecular collection. You will not be disappointed. If you are already a fan of Dr Barbara’s products you can also pre-order all your products with us along with your baby products. All available online & in-store NOW!.

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