How to add magic to your nursery spaces

find out how to add magic to your nursery spaces

Here at MiSueños Kids we specialise in Interior Design and that is at the core of everything we do. From selecting items to sell in our store to the layout of our office and studio. Amanda Martinez, our CEO is a talented designer with over 10 years experience across children’s and residential interior design. Amanda has created incredible projects that include designing new bedrooms, playrooms, lounge and living spaces to entire home renovations. Read on to find out how to add magic to your nursery spaces.

There is nothing more beautiful than talent that comes from something handmade. We are lucky enough to have some incredible talent within our interior design team such as our mural artist. Therefore resulting in most of our nursery projects having such statement hand painted walls that oozes pure magic.


Santiago design. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

Firstly, we are going to take you on an adventure. One that truly captures the beauty of the forest and woodlands complete with helicopters and hot air balloons. Introducing Santi’s Nursery.

This room was designed by our CEO; Amanda for her first born Son. Emi and Amanda wanted a space that reflected their love for the countryside and the woodlands that surround their home. Amanda designed this entire room and all the furniture within it, she also worked closely with our mural artist to design a scene that was not only peaceful and tranquil but personal too. You can find Santi’s name on the wall, portraits of their pet dogs and even daddy Emi’s football boots too! Amanda designed an entire collection of furniture that you can still purchase from our store. Explore the Santiago range here. This room was also styled with items from our store, most of which is available in our Spring Sale such as the storage baskets, pillows, quilted bed spreads and more.

Santi's room. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

Whimsical Fairy Woodland Studio

Studio design. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

Secondly, one of our proudest designs is the retransformation of the studio that is situated above our boutique. Primarily this room hosts our Baby & Toddler Classes so we wanted to create a space that not only encourages imagination but reminds little ones (and adults too!) what it is to truly believe. Therefore this room is filled with fairies on toadstools, a magical waterfall, houses in trees and inspired by the creatures you would find in magical woodlands.

Magical Woodlands Studio Playroom. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

Woodland Playroom

Woodland Playroom. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

This project was a very exciting playroom transformation where we had such a large space to work with. The painted mural was also able to spread down a corridor creating the most striking entrance to this room! Creating a beautiful woodland scene with animals such as deers, foxes, squirrels and even the families pet dogs. This playroom needed to be educational as well as striking; hidden amongst the trees you’ll find the alphabet on bunting and peaking numbers too.

Woodland Playroom. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

Woodland Nursery Playroom

Woodland nursery playroom. How to add magic to your nursery spaces

We love to work around your visions and ideas, whatever the requirements and make each project unique to you. This nursery design was inspired by our own Santi nursery however the clients wanted more of a soft, pastel woodland scene that could easily turn into a playroom. Keeping elements subtle yet fulfilling the parents dreams of bringing the wildlife of the woods into a tranquil and calming space for their newborn.

Woodland nursery playroom finished.

Narnia Nursery

Narnia stages.

Finally, the Chronicles of Narnia inspired mural. This was one wall in a baby boy’s nursery that ended up more beautiful than any of us could have imagined. The parents wanted to include inspiration from their favourite childhood film so the lion and the adorable Reepicheep were super important. Like any of our projects we love injecting a personal, unique touch so being asked to feature a little boy to represent their unborn son was super magical.

Narnia finished nursery.

So, what do you think? Which project is your favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts so please drop us a comment. Are you thinking of redecorating your playroom or have you got a new arrival on the way and you want to find out how to add magic to your nursery spaces?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our talented interior designers. We would be absolutely honoured to bring your visions to life. Contact us here.

Lots of love, MiSueños Kids x

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