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MiSuenos x Connetix

NEW NEW NEW – MiSueños Kids are always on the look out for new products so we are extremely excited to announce our latest product drop with the incredible Connetix Tiles! Launched in 2019 between 2 families in Australia this brand is all about allowing children to use their imagination and creativity to construct 2D and 3D shapes. Read on to find out how to connect Play & Learning with Connetix Tiles.

MiSuenos connetix tiles

What are they?

Connetix are magnetic tiles that can be easily slotted together to build so many wonderful creations. These tiles encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills as well as helping children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts – all through PLAY! How amazing is that!? All sets come with an Ideas Booklet so you can really get inspired.

ideas pack

What can you build?

From castles, towers and robots to homes for their favourite toys, your little ones can spend hours building and creating. Using the wheel sets from the Motion Pack they can even build trucks and cars and let their imagination really take them on wonderful adventures! The Ball Run Pack consists of 92 pieces including clear, fluted tubes, stair cases and six wooden balls so your little one can really get creative for racing fun! Due to the brightly coloured clear plastic, your children can explore beautiful patterns that catch the light and even use the tiles on any magnetic surface EG radiators.


Why is this sort of play important?

Open ended play is literally play without any rules or restrictions, open to be interpreted freely which can lead anywhere your imagination will take you. So much research has shown how vital this sort of play is for our little ones to develop skills that will take them through to adulthood.

building towers Connectix

The power of independent play at such a young age can really strengthen confidence, creativity as well as helping your child learn how to problem solve. Perhaps as part of their game there is an imaginary river your child is trying to cross. They can use their imagination to think of how to get over to the other side! No doubt their solution will be something fun and innovative using their new toys to guide them as they imagine all sorts of scenarios.

From imagining fairytale castles to rockets flying around space, trucks crossing imaginary bridges or going on such wonderful adventures, open ended play has no boundaries. What’s amazing is there is no age limit to open ended playtime, children can have fun learning through this type of play from a very young age to their teens and beyond.

build castles with Connectix

Connetix Tiles are the perfect resource for this form of open ended playtime as it too has no limits. We hope you will have as much fun as we and our little ones are with these fabulous sets. Now you know how to connect Play & Learning with Connetix Tiles we cannot wait to see your creations!
Designed for children of all ages from 3 years+


Lots of love,
MiSueños Kids x

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