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Delivery: 3-4weeks
D.Throne S, enjoy everyday life better than ever. The beginning of a Mobility for your whole family.
Safety mode for children + Can go up to 15km/h for the adults who wish to enjoy exciting driving experience.
Once charged, it can travel more than 30km + Up to 3 people can ride on the car,
allowing you to enjoy with your families.
The features of stroller, kickboard and automobile are all combined.
Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
Green and Black are colours available
For ages Over 6 years old ( With adult supervision and guidance)
Weight Limit
Main Body : 130kg
Board : 90kg
Total : 220kg
Type of Battery Cell: Lithium Ion (Li-ion)-LG Chem
Battery Pack made by: LG Chem
Electrical Energy : 739.8HW(24V 28.8AH)
Top Speed
High Speed : 15km/h, Low Speed : 7km/h
Driving Distance
Vehicle & Motorboard: 30km (When ridden by an adult
with the weight of 70kg +1 child (20kg))
Motor Stroller : 10 hrs. (When rode by 1~2 babies)
*Based on even road surfaces. It may deviate depending on the environment of use
Motor Type
Transaxle DC 300W
Does it fit in trunk?
Can be loaded in the trunk of Avante
Varies by vehicle type


Wheel & Tyres
Wheel : 8” Aluminum
Tires : 12” Airtube Tires
Board Wheel & Tyres
Wheel : 4” Aluminum
Tires : 6” Airtube Tires
Accelerator & Brakes
Electronic Accel & Brake combined method
When pushing pedal: Accelerate(Soft)
When releasing pedal: Brake(Soft)
Easily Detachable
Detachable: Rea handles, Board, Steering Wheel
Baby Seat, Headrest, Batteries
Product Material
Platform : Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel
Body : PC-ABS, ABS, PC
Steering Wheel : Aluminum & Leather(PU)
Seat : Baby Seat, Adult Seat – Leather
Rear Handles : Natural Leather
Product Warranty
D.THRONE S : 1yr.
(Motor & Controller : 6 months)
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