Our CEO tells us why she chose the Mima Xari Pushchair for her Son & Brand?

Before I was even pregnant I was in love with this brand, I tried to obtain this brand for years for my company with no such luck. It is most definitely a Pushchair that turns heads, I knew it was always winning awards for being one of the top pushchairs but I had never given it a test drive. In 2017 I fell pregnant and this was the pram I had my heart set on.  My husband said to me that I needed to test drive before buying because it is not the most affordable pushchair, and ultimately a pushchair needs to be comfortable for you and so I wanted to find out if it was worth the price tag.

At 6 Months I went to a baby show in London with my sister not expecting to find the brand but it was there. I spent a good amount of time, opening, closing, pushing it around the baby show and there was not any aspect at that time I could recall as being a Flaw. It was not particularly light but it did not deter me. The mima xari has some innovative features, the most clever of which has to be the collapsible carrycot that’s contained within the pod of the buggy seat unit itself. You can Choose from hundreds of striking colour combinations for the chassis, seat pod, cushion kit. The hard pod buggy seat unit has a 3-position seat recline, two height positions, can face both parent and world-ward and comes with luxurious liner and matching chest pads on the 5-point harness. It has a height adjustable handlebar, two shopping baskets with magnetic shutting lids, a raincover, and a sun canopy and bumper bar that act as the hood and carry handle when in carrycot mode.


My Xari pushchair arrived and my son was born in the hottest summer London had since 1976, The pushchair was going to face some real testing but I can confirm that I am as in much in love with my Xari as I was the day it arrived on my door step. What I most used in the beggining was the carseat which can be easily adapted to the Xari Pushchair. My son at 3 months went to Portugal on his first holiday, everyone said just buy an easy light pushchair to take with you the airline will destroy your pushchair. I refused I wanted to take my Xari, I took the Xari right up to boarding gate and put it in its Xari Travel bag which protects it perfectly. Since I have travelled many times abroad and my Xari travels everywhere I go. It has so many great accessories, winter kit, rain covers, baby bag, cup holder (for our regular caffeine friend).

My Son is now 16 months and I am now a Representative of Mima Kids because I would choose this Brand for my baby a hundred times over.

So all mummies of the world if you are looking for a Pushchair that is comfortable, a smooth ride, with versatile design, easy to wipe clean, folds with buggy seat attached, reversible seat direction, travel system compatible, innovative features, amazing accessories and can even fit in the boot of a Mini Copper and turn heads everywhere you go then the Xari is your Must HAVE Pushchair.

Test out our configurator and design your own Xari in our Luxury Pushchair Section.


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