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MiSuenos (Kids) Limited formed in 2014 by Amanda (Mandinha) Martinez began designing practical and luxury interiors for children which then spanned out to the children toys and clothing sector. Her clients praised her for her exceptional eye for practicality, quality and beauty so over the years the brand developed into a one stop store for all things baby and children. Everything a parent would need under one roof. 

All our brands are handpicked by Amanda and she often quotes “ I will only sell and design what I would use and buy for my own children, only the very best for our little ones.” With her love for children and design she has continued to grow her business to what it is today. 


Amanda and her team have been working in the children sector for over 10 years and have continued to offer exceptional service to her customers both in person and online. 


Amanda also known as Mandinha Martinez is a qualified and award winning interior designer that specializes first in interiors for infants and children and that has steadily grown into a successful complete residential design studio.

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