Mandinha Martinez Interiors was formed in 2014 brother company to MISUENOS LIMITED, specialists in interiors for infants and
children, and has steadily grown into a successful and
award winning complete residential design studio.

Mandinha Martinez is most recognised in the UK and Europe as Amanda Martinez, she gained experience initially designing
practical luxury interiors for children just shy of a decade ago.

What has made Amanda Martinez designs stand out from the rest is her attention to detail, her attitude towards the relationship
between creating beautiful spaces and a childs development,
resulting in the knock on effect with developing secure and safe environments for children. The intensive research behind
designing a room to either encourage play and imagination or a restful sleep.

As her clients loved her attention to detail and her eye for design she broadened her portofio to full residential projects as her clients would urged her to design their entire homes.

Amanda Martinez is also known to have worked and continues to work with celebrities and has completed successfully over 100 projects in the UK and Europe.

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