Meet Our Founder and CEO Amanda Martinez

Ahead of opening our brand new store, the team of MiSuenos Kids sat with the woman behind the brand, our designer and founder Amanda Martinez to talk about all things MiSuenos Kids, family and what inspires her to design these magical bespoke dream rooms.

How did you decide to set up MiSuenos Kids? And is there a story behind the beautiful name?

A: Once I became a qualified interior designer, I immediately knew that I wanted to specialise in one area of the interior design industry. My Nephews actually gave me my first project designing a Castle Bunkbed. I began designing themed rooms and was fortunate on the way to get recommendations and a design would turn into a paid project. I opened my first store in Cockfosters 6 years ago and my store has grown since. The beauty of designing spaces for children is that it is never dull. Designing spaces that are magical but most importantly practical is paramount to every project. 

MiSuenos Kids means ¨My dreams¨ in Spanish, it was my dream to create a business that stood out from the rest. Quality & Design. Products that would stand the test of time. We design bedrooms and playrooms that encourage imaginative and creative play, and in a bedroom environment to encourage a child to rest. The attention to detail is fundamental in the design of a child’s room, it can never be just about creating a beautiful room but about also embedding practicality and functionality within its beauty. More than ever we want smart design, we want products that are eco friendly and durable. 

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

A: For me the driving force is feeling you are different or special. MiSuenos Kids was born to stand out from the rest because it is built on love. Every design has my time invested into it, every product I sell is handpicked by me. I am an interior designer and I originally only designed beds but my clients wanted more. More of my products, more range. As I did beds they wanted other furniture, then bedding, then accessories then clothing. We became your one stop shop for all things babies & children.

My son became a driving force in helping the brand become more of a success as he changed my buying habits.  I always had the knowledge of baby needs and wants but once you become a mummy thats when you become an real expert.

Now, in store and online I only sell brands that I use on my own child. For my baby I only use the very best and so in turn I have picked only the best for you…..

Majority of my clients become my friends because I really care about each individual client. In order for a project to be successful you need to find a team who is a reflection of your own personal style and attitude. We take pride in offering a friendly and approachable interior design service and every one who works at MiSuenos Kids was hand picked by me. 

What’s the inspiration behind the beautiful bespoke beds you are creating?

A: My nephews were my first customers, involving the children in the design process can be very rewarding and also what I found was that a lot of parents were faced with the same problem looking for ways to encourage their child to sleep in their own bed. We have an amazing success rate with encouraging them to sleep in their own bed when the bedroom is given the full works. 

What can customers expect to see in your new shop in Battlers Green Farm?

A: I hope when they walk in they feel warmth as if they could be walking into a room of their own. Santi´s bedroom has a very similar theme and I can tell you that when I sit in his room with him it it makes me feel relaxed. In his bedroom he has bespoke handpainted mural that represents our family,  he is now 16 months and recognises key figures for example our pet dogs and points out to them. Which I feel is a key part of making him feel safe and comfortable seeing key figures that he loves in his bedroom. Every time a customer walk in I want them to feel that they are in a different realm and that they will find something they didn’t see before.

Besides the beautiful bespoke beds you are creating, what are the other brands your shop is now home to?

A: We are now collaborating with over 10 brands including small uk businesses that we enjoy working with. We offer a bespoke service but we also have a selection of stocked items. I have carefully selected brands that I use for my son. I only sell what I believe in. 

How long would an average project of creating and delivering a bespoke bedroom take?

A: It really depends on the size of the project, how many rooms we are doing. It also depends on the customer and how quickly they decide of the final design. There are 4 stages Consultation, Site Visit, Design Proposal, Delivery & Installation. 

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

A: Francesca is appointed as our managing director, she manages my diary so I have time to visit clients, site visits, & have time for my little boy. My typical day starts at 6.30am as that’s when my little boy Santi wakes, I play with him till his nap put him to bed and then I jump on the computer for work. I have dedicated days for site visits but otherwise I work from home as I don’t want to miss too much as he is growing so quick. 

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be successful in what you do?

A: Love, Dedication & Pride – I love being an interior designer, I have been so lucky to have such amazing clients, there is nothing better than doing what you love it just doesn’t feel like work. There has been times where it may have been easier to just give up but I just couldn’t let go I had gone through so much with my company to just give up. Thank god I didn’t because that little push led to Hamleys and then to Channel 5 and we have grown ever since. 

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

A: I would started here at Battlers Green Farm, But I met my connection to Hamleys through Annie Newman, who introduced me to my now Managing Director so I may not be where I am now if I didn’t start at Cockfosters. 

What motivates you in your job?

A: The children who are my clients, my son, my husband, my family. I want my son to say I’m proud of my mummy. She works hard. It is important to me that my son grows up seeing me and my husband working hard so that he will appreciate and value what he has and how we got there. 

Tell us a bit more about your family, Santi is growing up so fast!

A: We are a very big close family, Both me and my husband we believe in working hard, we love countryside walks with our son and our two dogs (daughters), we love a bbq and a house full of family & friends. Santi is 16 months now and he is such a friendly and happy little boy and sometimes cheeky. 

What was the inspiration behind the stunning bedroom you designed for Santi?

A: We love the countryside, I wanted to create a room that radiated tranquility and peace. The trees, birds, animals all in pastel colours. The furniture was designed to be beautiful yet practical, hidden drawers and endless compartments for storage. Can never have enough storage. 

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