Sensory Fidget Tubes


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Mesmerising motion inside the Sensory Fidget Tubes offers children a soothing visual distraction to help them focus and calm down. These fidget toys have been specially developed for kids, are easy for little hands to grip, and child-friendly tubes are permanently sealed. So hypnotic, adults will love them, too.

  • This fidget toy range offers children a soothing way to focus and calm down.
  • Set contains four tubes each with a unique mesmerising motion: soothing gravity spinner, fantastic fidget tube, calming glitter tube, and magical reverse hourglass.
  • Tilt and turn the tubes to watch the mesmerising movement.
  • Ideal for the home or classroom environment.
  • Durable, child-friendly tubes are permanently sealed.
  • Includes Getting Started guide with 4 activities.
  • Tubes measure 20cm H x 5cm W.
  • Features multilingual packaging and guide.

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